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only have an effect on changing the oil industry policy but i definitely hope they're right and people should not forget about us and keep the pressure on antonia thank you so much for joining us thank you for having me. i we're taking a break coming up next is our told time stay tuned. let's not forget that we sat in a park right. i think. either one well. we never got the look as the keeping safe get ready because you're afraid of.
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a charge in here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture a. new web site with twenty four seven live streaming news towns what to do about the ongoing financial part unlimited free high quality videos for download. and stories you never saw one mainstream. media so. maybe the political. parties are just stand.
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guys welcome to shellings tell me alone or shall we part with our guests not to sound the topic now i want to hear audio just go on you tube this video responses are the twitter profile. the questions that we post on you tube every monday and on the first day of the show and long responses. like your voice. all right it's time for tonight's tool time war and tonight it goes to a former winner here on the show arizona republican governor jan brewer you know i was actually proud of governor brewer this week because she vetoed the so-called berther bill that would have required any presidential candidate to show their birth certificate before being allowed on the state's ballot and brewer is taking a lot of heat for the move but she's fighting back against those complaints. out of line is there i just have to be a minute and you know there is no need to get this bill was there did. we get. our
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get on with the speech is. now governor brewer is correct the burger bill is a joke and she should be applauded for her move but just what i really really wanted to praise or brewer had to go do something stupid she very quietly this week signed a new law giving the tea party associated gadsden flag the same protection as the american flag now we have a picture of the gadsden flag here which has been co-opted by the tea party it's yellow it's got a drawing of a rattlesnake at a phrase don't tread on the so with the new lawn place arizona residents can now fly their gadsden flag without fear of being fined by their homeowner's association was added after an arizona man was fined last year by his homeowner's association for flying the tea party flag so in typical fashion republican lawmakers jumped to the man's defense create a law protecting the tea party flag but talk about a waste of time and money and then jan signed it into law so thanks for
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disappointing us yet again and that's why you are tonight's chill time where. could it actually be true. someone who played a role in the mortgage mess here in the us actually being held accountable yes yes it is true today lead farkas was found guilty in florida on fourteen charges of fraud farkas was the former chairman of the taylor bean and whitaker mortgage corporation and this was no small firm over two decades period of parkas turn the zero call of florida based business into the largest non-bank mortgage lender in the country and he said to have defrauded investors and the governments of billions of dollars and even collapse a major bank prosecutor said over seven years marcus took twenty million dollars for himself and lived quite a fabulous life but now he's heading to prison for decades so it appears that we finally fried our biggest fish from the financial crisis but you know for some reason it just feels like something's missing you know you can feel that way how
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about the rest of the bankers mortgage lenders wall street hacks who helped collapse the housing market and the entire economy in two thousand and eight what are they going to get charged the justice department is quick to hail the guilty verdict in the florida case because so many observers say the d.o.j. is getting tired of people asking them why they haven't prosecuted more fraud cases so they actually saw the lead farkas verdicts as a p.r. win for themselves sorry d.o.j. i think we should be asking more questions and i'll buy more people having been charged in the mortgage fraud and foreclosure mess that helped bring down the world's economy when are charges going to be filed against i don't know goldman sachs exacts they are accused of defrauding investors by failing to disclose conflicts of interest interests me and mortgage investments that they sold as the housing market crashed and just last week u.s. senator carl levin said the goldman sachs exacts misled congress during a hearing of the collapse of the hard housing market and he even wants federal prosecutors now to consider bringing perjury charges against goldman sachs c.e.o.
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lloyd blankfein and other current and former employees who all testified but somehow i have my doubts will actually see that one happened last year the a.p. reported some. the national institutions hard wal-mart workers hairstylists and assembly line workers to sign off on foreclosures so these massive banks who made millions and billions of dollars in profits were hiring hairstylists with no prior bank experience to sign off on your poor closures and the wall street journal reported on friday that wall street bankers have been grilled by u.s. securities regulators in recent weeks over alleged fraud in mortgage bond deals but will they face any charges or will they just be fined i think only time will tell but let's hope the more corrupt executives start heading to prison but the obama administration takes a more active role rather than letting them all get off scot free. and last week with more bad news for our privacy and more of a side of the obama administration doesn't really think it belongs to you they
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asked the supreme court to take up a case to decide whether or not police need a warrant before using g.p.s. tracking devices on a suspect and i'll fill you in the obama administration they don't think of the police need a warrant now actually they think that you should have no reasonable expectation of privacy regarding your movements from one place to another and it's a disturbing step but we would hope that the courts would side with the fourth amendment that again researchers today reveal the i phones to track your latitude and longitude at all times and then store that information and we already know what the government thinks of wiretapping your phone so in this day and age is privacy completely lost and how much tracking is going on that we don't even know about here discuss this with me as christopher said going security and privacy researcher chris thanks so much for being here tonight thank you i feel like every day we read a new story more bad news about some gadget or some website it's actually been collecting your private information and today we have a couple first of all there's the story that some researchers have discovered that
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the i phone tracks every move you make and then stores all that on your device when you think it was your computer we also found out that in this in michigan police search cell phones during traffic stops with a mobile forensics device so let's break some of this town in terms of the i phone is this really something new i mean we kind of know that you can subscribe to a tracking service or the if you use maps to find a location it's going to use your current location how is this news different today so the announcement today is interesting because what we're finding out is that retaining the location information on the devices apparently up to one hundred data points and they are being kept on the device this is information that's been kept for more than a year and now we know that you know when you use google maps on your phone or use any other location based service your location information is being transmitted to the company and maybe they're using it. i also know of course the phone companies are tracking where you're going and they can provide that to the government if the government asked them to what's happening here though is the information is being kept on the phone and on your computer and very unsafe way and so if you lose your
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phone in a bar or you or your spouse hits your phone or your form or your record and forgot your phone or anyone's it's not your computer suddenly they can have access with a single with a few clicks of a mouse they can find i'm not aware you've been in a minute been anywhere and this is really alarming particularly because apple wasn't telling its customers that it was i mean there were statements in the privacy policy but no one reads those but the company really wasn't seeking informed consent from users to say we're collecting this and we're saving this in a really insecure way so that's the alarming thing here in china why would they tell anyone about that right if i could not hers to us and so far from what i've been reading apple really hasn't released any statements they somehow don't want to talk about this report that came out today very quickly it's talking about this michigan forensics device that the police are using a traffic stop to they actually have to have your phone in their hands or can it just be sitting in your lap while they're speaking to you and it's tracking information so this is a device and it's a very expensive device but they have to connect with your phone in about
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a minute they can download all your e-mails all your text messages all the data that's on the phone on the alarming thing here is that there's a legal issue but the government asserts that they can search your phone if they arrest you for any crime even if they don't have a court order so if you got caught speeding you get arrested the government can search your phone look at all your e-mails and then use that for any other investigations that they want to do so i would call that a bit of an overreach as well now we have this news that the obama. administration is pushing for the supreme court to take on this case in terms of g.p.s. tracking on cars and we've seen a lot of these cases we've seen one here in washington d.c. we've seen them in california also we interviewed a man on this show a young muslim and asked her if he who found the device when he was going to get his oil checked and there is no reason but knowing this supreme court obviously there is a debate within the country. how do you think they're going to rule here so i'm not a legal expert so i can't tell you about how the judges are going to rule but what i can say is that i think it's alarming that the government has this view that if
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they place the tracking device on your car in a public place and they're monitoring where you're going in a public place they can monitor you for weeks or months at a time and in fact what these things circuit court said in which the government objects to the court said that when you can track someone over a large period of time you get a glimpse into their life and you just simply wouldn't get if you were just watching them on the street on monday the court said that kind of long term tracking really raises privacy issues and should be subject to the overview and analysis by the courts all right so now we've gone over a couple of things i know that you recently did an extensive report looking at government monitoring activities wiretapping they do conduct certain reports to at least monitor how much but there is so much that we don't know and has even said earlier so much that congress doesn't know here tell us more about that so there are statistics that are published every year that reveal how many wiretaps and how many other real time interceptions of telephones and computers occur and so there are about two and a half thousand of our thoughts and here and there about i think thirteen thousand
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and ten registers which are intercepts of non-content information unfortunately that's not the entire way that the government surveillance people and so requests to google to microsoft to facebook to yahoo request your phone company for your location information those are just the those requests are not logged in any way and so congress doesn't have any idea we do know from a few sources of information that the number of requests they're vastly outnumbered traditional wiretaps and so as an example horizon gets ninety thousand requests a year from state and local agencies and more importantly twenty five thousand of those requests are emergency requests in which there's no court order to get the government just says this is an emergency life or death give us the data and arise and hands it over and are these the same ones that come with along with gag orders where you hand over the data and don't care or tell anyone that we asked. so there are not national security letters but oftentimes requests do prohibit the companies from telling the subscriber that their information is being collected however in
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the in the end it's all space companies were even prohibited in some cases from even seeking legal representation so this is this is a little bit different but just the magnitude of these kinds of requests are a really really large congress has no idea and i don't think the average person realizes how easy it is for the government to send you their story e-mails documents if stored in the cloud or their location information but it's very scary and i guess that we don't even know the half of it which makes it all that much more disturbing so perhaps one day we can just wave bye bye to our privacy and fortunately chris thanks so much for going like you. also to come tonight using nineteenth century laws to prosecute people in today's society archy cedric miller reports on crimes against nature when we come back and we have a special happy hour for you tonight including news the department of homeland security is getting for the reality show says they're around for some comments on that and.
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let's listen we heard in the first part of the lead i think a lot of the the one that will lead. we never got the chauffeur can say for the graduate because the freedom. hey guys welcome to show and tell me about a show we've heard about our guest socket sound the topics now i want to hear audience is going to you tube the video response part of twitter for part of the question that we impose on you tube every monday and on thursday in the show your responses please let your voice be heard.
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for. sixty. six for. the same. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm chalmers welcome to the big picture.
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some places here in the u.s. are still prosecuting people with laws that date back to the nineteenth century and i call the crimes against nature they often deal with sex acts between two consulting consenting adults and i r t cedric when takes us to new orleans where police still use some of these archaic one thousand century laws to make arrests. this is the carnival of colors and sounds. that is new orleans louisiana. a mississippi river port city awash in its southern roots its colorful french creole charms and its overtones of piety the it's very catholic very catholic very bad just even very very the a city that lives according to code the orleans gets stuck in this kind of like puritan mentality that's completely antithetical to everything that's happening people comment have conventions you're because they know there's the french quarter
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they know there's strip clubs prostitution. this is bourbon street. for about two hundred bucks you can buy yourself sex more specifically straight up intercourse. with a new orleans street walk or anything else or start saying all sides can be negotiated but anything else is also. against the law according to a law called crime against nature it basically prohibits anything other they are ordinary intercourse there's no police out there going into neighborhoods saying you can't have anal sex with your husband you can't have all sex with your wife right no one's actually enforcing back but it isn't forced and enforced heavily on the prostitutes of new orleans these are people who can least afford to be charged with something like this right now you have to do is have an undercover officer driving around in plain clothes in
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a plain in an unmarked car and i have to do is drive around and drive up to people that they believe are our prostitutes or no one are known prostitutes. and you have to ask how much and she answers. she is just openly huge hole in her life. a huge haul because a crime against nature charges punishable by as much as a twenty year prison sentence incredibly large fines and. you're talking about a woman who's in her early twenty's who has to register as a sex offender for the next fifteen years. for a city whose cell job quietly includes pleasures of the flesh why they need to criminalize sex acts in which just about anyone in cages in almost all of these cases and up in a plea to probation and finds fines and fees. and the important part about the fines and fees is that's all revenue coming in to pay for the court system to pay
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for police to pay for the jail to pay for prosecutors' offices simply put an antiquated nineteenth century law. passed on the guise of christian values we are all only. needed being used today still to make money it's a five year felony you can use that to encourage people to plead guilty very quickly it justifies higher bonds the hookers often instead plead guilty to a lesser charge of prostitution leading down to a misdemeanor you can charge higher fines and fees how do prostitutes who usually can't afford those fines and fees pay for them are paying for it right bingeing more prostitution which they get hit again then they get caught again and right they have been gauging more prostitution it's a vicious cycle this is an old lot stupid law it's a law that a lot of people even within the criminal justice system don't agree with you know you can see how some are trapped in the carnival that is new orleans. and if you
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think they're the only ones. there are others. to be continued. out camping we not only do happy hour i'm seeing is a is in friday's but since we didn't have a show yesterday we decided it's wednesday it's five o'clock sound where or why not so joining me for happy hour to have our tea parties are jenny churchill and jim hansen retired special operations master sergeant and military blogger for black crime net thanks for joining me today guys now we just saw cedric's great piece out of new orleans are in find still using these arts hayek laws to go after people and you just have to wonder you know don't they have. better things to do i mean look at a number of stories coming out from what the obama administration's department of justice has been doing lately earlier this week we talked about them shutting down online
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poker sites we know that the u.s. government spent millions of dollars prosecuting barry bonds for steroids use and we know that there are a lot of really concerned people out there that are worried that obama isn't going after porn sites and i thought we were fighting free wars i thought we're fighting terrorists why porn poker and scare oit's why is that just a top priority i mean i think the real issue here is that nobody really knows who's supposed to be the country's moral compass but everyone seems to agree that we can all just run amok you know i mean how ironic all things of not just followed by your own think that a lot of things should not be regulated by the government however i don't think something like heroin should be legal and vending machines on the street so i think that there is kind of there's a push and pull and there you go if you go to school for what you. have pushing paul i understand that but i don't know i'm just saying priorities please people
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live i should a video library that was that's really supposed to be the biggest case of all time and that's there is a complete joke with the idea that we've got in organizations already got a monopoly you know a sanction monopoly and now we're going to pretend oh maybe the government should watch what they're doing no legal if you're going to leave me alone the more i loathe the idea of going after pornography there would be no online commerce there would be no internet as a medium for exchange without pornography that was the first thing people who are willing to put their credit card online for one month i make a very good point there right now it's a nine billion dollar industry let's not forget the only reason that the government went after gambling online was because the actual casinos have people lobbying for them and saying this is terrible it's taking away our business shoveling money into their hands saying do something about this now the government just wants the money as we said it was not in the states or down. they're trying to get three billion dollars in compensation and i say just send a few fewer soldiers to wars that we don't need to be fighting about three billion
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dollars let's move on to something that i find utterly disturbing there's a six year old who brought a gun to school and then he dropped it and it just charged now him and three other students are injured this is what's wrong this is what's wrong me this is where our laws are. relaxed in this country we're so worried about porn and we're still worried about poker but he just have guns so easily accessible that a six year old can bring in people and this is what rock is wrong my six year old brings a gun to school accidently shoots fellow students and people like you sit here and say oh my gosh the gun laws we have to do something about the gun lungful of why don't we do something about the parents that's why i like you there too but that's part of doing something about the gun laws is very carefully tracking who you're giving guns to. stupid people in america have rights too i'm sorry we don't go like you don't think we'll be there to be an i.q. level has their concern actually really are should be an i.q. level test for having a child so i think that's
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a really good stuff is ready are you saying you should expect. to give your guns let's go after the kids i'll make a deal with you soon as you can do all the criminals all disarm all the law abiding citizens ok kids me. i'm hoping that there are more people out there like you who are trying to do this are criminals some of whom are police officers anyway moving on to talk about reality shows they were just talking about our love for cheesy things like american idol and perhaps survivor the department of homeland security is getting their own reality show and janet napolitano is apparently going to be making a few appearances here. what did we design we're going to be exciting exactly who want to watch them sit around and you know in an office this is a bureaucracy the department of homeland security is boring is this supposed to make us feel better they're putting us on terrorist watch list because you got to go see a documentary i don't think so i don't know i actually i just really love that it's
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made by the same people who brought us my fair brady which was like did your viewers are you sure when you like i would marry the man you good ground because i'm anyways i mean i think that's the best part is going to be like sensationalized like janet napolitano is going to get a huge fight and strong mountain be like writing software i don't know oh she still has been to the bridge where she lives as a troll she's i don't know to do. a lot of hard to sign off on this and why do you think the white house i guess why do you think she's come you know how do they figure she's going to be there entertaining or competent she's never been either in her history as head of homeland security she's an embarrassment so i'm all for it it's a train wreck waiting to happen they need charlie sheen or if that's going to lead to more government transparency more reality shows how they are her words never bring it on is going to be a p.s.a. for the d.h.s.s. to be on yeah i mean i think it was all awesome it would have been a perfect what other thing that part of homeland security say did today is they
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unveiled their new terror alert system about the rainbow multi-colored system is gone now we only have two options credible and in minutes so it's like hey guys everything's fine don't really worry about it or like oh my gosh bill the world freakouts. in between but i just love that the reason the color system went away was because everyone just started ignoring it so now very likable you should suit is what. you said you can't use the ball because you know that it was on orange for so long and everybody just ignored it so now they're like let's create a panic by having one that says imminent danger put a map of exactly where the imminent danger is i mean i just kind of go to a room right. now but it's going to run at how many years now we will have been living in this country after nine eleven. these terrorist alerts and people still ignore them you put them out with somebody else home and say threat imminent and tell me that there's not going to be a right first of all we didn't learn anything new so it's not like they know where the events are going to happen it's not like they know they're going to put an expiration date on these things right because terrorist union says you have to put
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an expiration date on your attack. or is to you when you know you are you. are you guys thank you very much for joining in for our wednesday happy hour and we'll try to get on friday i think the night's show thanks for tuning in and they shouldn't come back tomorrow newsweek to lead me white house correspondent daniel stone will be on the program discuss an alarming new study that shows a high rate of a rule of torture amongst americans and we need time to think it's become a fan of the alona show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's program or any other night you can always catch all the. flash heal on the show where we post the interview as well as the show in its entirety coming up next is our tease a branding show i don't curse is in the mail. we
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have seen the damage it has done to our environment mark chemicals with the for profit we do not want any more new g.m.o. foods. our core system is just so there was abysmal experience and i'm just i'm just appalled that that's allowed to go on in america. we are eating this unfortunately because we don't know what's in it and there's no labeling there for it being used like the boards we experiment being used as guinea pig. now we have more questions than we have had three guards in like. culture is that so much of the taxpayers' money coming in to heights is going to
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real training this if the years after the cia back bay of pigs operation the castro dynasty still dominates is it time finally to end the. wealthy british style such. as the time to. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on r g. h i'm arriving here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture.


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